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One <Cut> Kill

electronic evocations

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electro-evocation. digital beating(s).


currently considering a booking agent. one cut kill by design is multimedia intended for much larger productions than simply performing live music in clubs.

We've just completed M.I.D.I. Minds, our first network event of improvised electronic composition/collaboration. There were four electronic composers involved adamdaedalus, backmasked, Thruoutin (Brad Seippel), and ghost_in_the_ma. Our venue was the Blind Mule, in Mobile, AL. There are still shots and videos all over YouTube and the MySpaces of the artists involved.

M.I.D.I. Minds will repeat with a rotating lineup. All electronic and all networked together.

It would be ace to have a visual artist (V.J.) who can improvise along with the sounds.

Thanks to everyone who came out to support such an experimental show. That was one of the biggest and best crowds, thank you.

If you are at all interested in this or other activities that could tie into this--costume/scenery-making, ect..

Simeon (of the Silver Apples), inventor of the live-performance modular electric musical machine, is the producer for One Cut Kill. Thanks to Buck Masters (and Greg Nobles) for tireless work in recording and mixing the "Cancer and the Unicorn" EP.

Gifted Children Records is our label.

For digital feedback, email adamdaedalus@yahoo.com or comment in this Livejournal